You’ll never stop marketing yourself. Even once you are in an assignment, you need to start thinking about your next role, starting with the organisation at which you are currently temping. Ask if there are:

  • Any other areas or departments where your skills might be needed.
  • Let your face be seen.
  • If you can see opportunities but don’t feel comfortable investigating, let your managers know and they will make enquiries for you.

Constant upskilling is another reality in the working life of a temp. I’m sure you’ve heard examples of people who’ve earned significantly more money as a contractor than in a similar permanent job. However to do this long-term you need to invest in your own learning and development.

Your Working Life will Never be Uniform

This is why temps are always ready for, and cope well with change. Most temporary assignments have a finish date, but it can be extended. Equally, it may be cut short. Sometimes plans change, on both sides, and successful temps understand this and act accordingly.

Of course as a temp you are also the quintessence of professional. For example, you respect the policies, procedures and culture of each organisation you enter, you hit the ground running, you never get involved in office politics or gossip and, you learn quickly. It’s standard to prepare appropriately before each new assignment. This element of a temp’s working life involves knowing who you need to report to, the tasks you’ll undertake and what the organisation’s culture is. You must walk in the door and contribute appropriately from the get go, which requires you to prepare before each assignment.

Needless to say, a temp’s personal life never crosses over into their working life in the way that it can for permanent employees. An example of this would be your mobile stays in your bag on silent and the organisation’s telephone or email is never used for personal communications.  A temp’s working life is also one in which expectations of your abilities and results are higher than those of your full-time counterparts. While most temps thrive on this, some find it daunting. After all, there’s nowhere to hide in a temp assignment and you’ll never become too comfortable.

To be Successful

You need to be the sort of person who thrives on constantly meeting new objectives. You’ll walk in the door on day one of a new assignment and after a short induction you’ll immediately start work on your new brief. No two are ever the same, just as no two organisations are ever the same.


A temp’s working life can provide the ultimate freedom – they can take time off between assignments when they choose to and they enjoy meeting new people and working in a broad range of organisations.

We have more information on our Temp Worker section of our website here.

We also have a blog on what it’s like to work as a Temp with Three Q you can read here.

Our Three Q Temps our fantastic every year when it comes to our Spare an Hour campaign. Check out our Blog showing the involvement our temp workers have on our Spare an Hour campaign! Read here: Three Q Temps are The Heroes of Our Spare An Hour Campaign

Working with Three Q TEMP Agency as a Temp, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. The quality of our service is built on the quality and professionalism of you our agency staff workers.

What we do differently:

  • Emergency on-call (available 7 days a week)
  • We undertake site visits to ensure you work in a good environment
  • You will get regular reviews and feedback
  • We will assist you to undertake Garda Vetting
  • You will be trained in statutory & role specific skills
  • We have a unique Temp of the Month and Temp of the Year Program to reward our Temps that go above and beyond
  • You will have a relationship with our Team based on support, transparent communication and cooperation
  • You will receive competitive pay
  • You will have the opportunity to make a difference as a part of a team in our community with our annual charity campaigns such as ‘Spare An Hour’


Temp Agency workers get access to a variety of experiences in different settings that widen their skill set and in some instances lead to full direct employment with the agencies client.

Three Q TEMPS are the faces of our Quality commitment and uphold the standards we believe in by being properly trained, dressed and capable of the tasks in the assignments given to them. We will ensure that the temps supplied meet the standards set by the client and that the temps who work with us are treated with the highest standard of care and respect.

Temping with Three Q gives workers a foot in the door within major organisations. If you are looking to break into competitive industries then a temporary role can act as a foot in the door or a try before you buy opportunity.


Temping is a fantastic opportunity to see different company cultures and allows you to see what you prefer as an employee – without any major contract commitments.

Learn new skills and implement them

On the job experience through temporary jobs is the best way to gain new skills for a new line of work. Temping allows you to enter a company and under the guidance of the client, further enhance your skill set.


Experience is what will draw employers to your CV. Temping gives you the opportunity to build your CV and if you have temped with respected companies you’ll find it makes your CV more impressive to prospective employers.

Opportunity to Transition to Permanent Employment

Temping gives workers the opportunity to go into an organisation and make themselves indispensable. Often, a temporary position can transition into a permanent role.

Temporary work offers the opportunity to try various new roles, enhance your CV and work flexible hours while retaining the same benefits as permanent workers – not to mention it’s an easy form of work to get into. As we’ve discussed, working as a temp with Three Q PERMS & TEMPS has a lot to offer.

If you want to learn more, read our Temp Worker FAQ’s here.

The Busy Christmas Season

Why hire temp staff during busy periods like Christmas? Well, we are all aware that hotels and hospitals alike don’t get to close their doors over the holiday season, in fact it’s one of their busiest periods. There is a higher demand for staff and in turn the need for temp staff increases. Permanent employees may want to take holidays at Christmas time. Staff are more prone to getting sick due to the colder weather. These circumstances mean they can’t work as much over the Christmas season. This can leave a company short-staffed. They end up over-working the smaller number of employees they have left. This is when temp staff become an option and are of great benefit. Experienced temp staff are essential. Rather than just filling a temp position as quick as you can, take time to research the agency you’re hiring temps from. If they are experienced and have a good work ethic, you and your team will appreciate them much more.

Time For Temps

Many different scenarios result in a company being understaffed, especially last minute. A chef-de-partie calls in sick on the morning of a banqueting event… Call for a temp chef. A catering assistant in a hospital has to leave for 2 weeks to see their family as they aren’t from Ireland… Call for a temp catering assistant. A cleaner who doesn’t live close to work can’t come in due to bad weather conditions… call for a temp cleaner. Temps provide you with last minute cover to prevent any disruption to the working day.

Temp Staff Vs Permanent Staff

While the divide between permanent and temp staff can be difficult, hiring short-term employees can also help the overall workplace mood.  If permanent employees are forced to work long hours; double shifts, weekends and nights, morale can quickly decrease. Employees can become stressed, frustrated and even burn-out. That’s why offering extra help during Christmas ensures your core team stays happy and remains productive. Smaller companies have to be able to adapt their team during busy periods, but hiring permanent staff can be time-consuming and expensive. Temp staff can provide a quick fix for unexpected events, long-term leaves, and special projects.

Three Q Temps

That’s why team Three Q pride ourselves on having skilled employees with stellar experience who excel in all tasks that are assigned to them. Clients can expect the most professional, versatile and hardworking staff who adapt to a mind-set as if they are part of your own team. Our temps staff team are very experienced in their respective fields and many of them have been with us for over 5 years. Find out more about Hiring Temps.