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Life can be unpredictable and can bring about many changes that we couldn’t have foreseen, even a year ago. The covid pandemic that swept our globe, knowing no boundaries, has created much change and uncertainty for many. Businesses have been forced to close their doors, temporarily or sadly permanently, and change the way that they trade. For Irish organisations that trade with the UK, they have witnessed additional impact and uncertainty due to Brexit with many employees being forced to sign on the live-register until another opportunity comes their way.  

Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus. Adapting to change is par for the course at some stage of our lives. Once we recover from the initial shock, we come to understand that we have choices and exploring varied options helps us to cope with living with, and often surviving, the new direction that life has thrown our way. Yet sometimes we are forced to wait, as life doesn’t seemingly respond to our request to move forward. It is at times like this that our hope and faith are questioned and we may even wonder what the future holds.

There is an old expression, understand that “this too shall pass”. Family, friends and even strangers may offer this piece of advice when we are struggling to find a new job or advancing on our career path. It seems that it will never happen. Then out of the blue, the waiting time, for that next job offer or promotion, comes to pass. Sometimes it may not be the work that we had in mind however in retrospect it may have been the ideal opportunity that came our way – one that reignited our passion, creativity and increased our network of friends.

Hindsight is great yet little comfort is offered when going through such trials. One technique to help with overcoming the changes, waiting or trials is to remember how we overcame past trials. Most often, we find that we came through what we thought was unsurpassable at that time. Holding this thought can help with understanding where we’re at right now. Believe that most things are possible; there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the tide always turns … life can truly get better, and it will.

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