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How To Instil Resilience in a Team

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

report late last year states that work-related stress experienced by employees in Ireland had doubled between 2010 and 2015. Not surprisingly, people in the health sector were more likely to report stress where as workers in the retail and construction sector reported lower levels of stress. Reducing workplace stressors where possible can help your employees. However, if you do work in a high-stress sector and your employees have to deal with stressors that are beyond your control, one of the ways you can support them is by helping them build resilience.

Can you build resilience in a team? It’s commonly understood as a trait that’s learned on an individual level. But it can be a trait of a team and culture. Two tactics in leadership that can improve your team’s resistance to stress in work:

How To Instil Resilience in a Team to Reduce Stress - Three Q TEMPS


Mayo Clinic states that social support Is key for stress management and in groups. Feedback can be given with encouragement and a spirit of support. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is said to embody an ally-to-all mentality.


A Bocconi University researcher, Nicola Bellé, ran an experiment on nurses assembling surgical kits—a tedious job with potentially life-altering consequences. Nurses who met the health care practitioners who were using the kits made 15% fewer errors and worked 64% longer than their peers. Simply seeing their own impact boosted the nurses’ resilience.

To increase employees’ stamina and coping skills, remind them how their work contributes to the larger purpose

These two tactics can help your team build resilience to stress which will lead to reduced absenteeism, decreased employee turn-over and an increase in productivity.

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