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Three Q Temps

Working as a Temp

If you are job hunting for a temporary catering job with a specialized Temp Agency in day time hours, healthcare and hospital catering, your hunt stops here!

3Q Recruitment is the agency of choice for catering professionals – Management, Supervisors, Qualified Chefs, Catering Assistants, Kitchen Porters, General Porters Ward Staff and so much more.

Our flexible scheduling ensures daytime shifts, ranging from 2 to 3 days weekly to full-time opportunities. 3Q Recruitment has provided temporary workers to the Catering and Hospitality sectors, specifically serving hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and non-profit organizations, since 1999.  What may start as a temporary job with 3Q has the potential to transition into a long term job with 3Q or a permanent career with our clients when they are recruiting.  Experience the #Goldstandardintemping by joining the 3Q Team!

Working as a Temp

Joining our team as an Agency Temporary Worker is more than just a temp job; it’s becoming part of a work community where dignity, respect, and professionalism form the core of our interactions. Most of our Temps choose to work for 3Q Recruitment for years – knowing that they are valued team-members.

At the heart of our services is the supply of the #goldstandardintemps – our Temps through their dedication, expertise and personality keep clients coming back to 3Q Recruitment. To show our commitment to the incredible catering professionals who become 3Q Recruitment Temps we created the 3Q Extras; a suite of benefits designed to reflect our appreciation for your dedication and to enhance our temporary workers professional skills and career progression.

We live by the mantra – what you give is what you get – mutual respect, appreciation, flexibility and pride in our work and the companies we work with and for.  We strive to be both professional and approachable, whilst maintaining quality standards and elevating the experience for both our clients and our temporary workers.


At 3Q Recruitment, we recognize the incredible value that Temp agency workers bring to the table through their diverse training and career experience. These skills and the friendly attitude to go and meet and work with new people in different locations are a rare mix and we value all the Temps who chose to work with 3Q. 

Our commitment to quality is personified through our interaction with our Temps and on the panels they work with in client locations.  We take great pride in ensuring that our Temp workers are not only thoroughly trained and well-prepared for their assignments but also present themselves in a manner that reflects the high standards we, they and our clients, expect.
To us, the essence of excellence lies in the careful matching of our Temps to assignments where they can shine—both for our clients and in their own career journeys. We steadfastly believe in supporting our workforce with the utmost care, respect, and professionalism, traits that are deeply embedded in the fabric of our operations.

Rest assured, when partnering with 3Q Recruitment, you are engaging with a team dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards, nurturing enduring partnerships, and demonstrating a transparent, respectful approach to both our clients and our valuable Temp workers.

How our Payroll and Timesheets work

As an agency worker our temporary workers get time-sheets completed by the companies they work with and these timesheets become the basis for your wage payment.  Check out all about our time-sheets and payroll processes in our FAQ’s page and on our induction video.

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