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Life as a Fertility Nurse in Dublin is an exciting area for nurses who love to help both couples and individuals who are facing issues with infertility.  Here at Three Q, we help to match the best candidates with our employers within a huge range of careers including Fertility Nursing. Fertility Nursing is one of these jobs and although it’s a complex one,  we’ve broken down what life working as a fertility nurse in Dublin is like.

An exciting field to work in, fertility nursing is also known as reproductive nursing. The field is evolving to give professionals further control in reproduction and help those in need. As more and more scientific research takes place, and technology is developed the demand for fertility nurses is due to grow even more. 

So what exactly does a Fertility Nurse do?

Fertility nurses are responsible for taking care of the fertility treatment for individuals or couples who wish to become parents. It is the job of the fertility nurses to show empathy for patients while walking patients through each step of the process of the treatment. 

a day in the life of a fertility nurse in dublin three q medical recruitment agency

There are many elements to the work of a fertility nurse. These include helping patients to understand procedures and medical terminology and the possible treatments available to them.   The fertility nurse helps  them to make the choice that is best for each individual case. A fertility nurse is also required to be empathetic to patients and offer them emotional support which is non-judgemental. Day-to-day tasks include scheduling procedures, tests and follow ups. Medical procedures include taking blood for tests, monitoring fertility cycles and helping doctors with ultrasounds. This is followed up by administering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments or teaching patients how to administer IVF themselves.   Counselling both the couple and the donor through the fertility treatment and process is an important aspect of the job. Fertility nurses act as the link between the physician and the patients and help with finding egg and sperm donors.

Day to day life as a Fertility Nurse in Dublin

Most fertility nurses start work at around 8am in the morning. This is a busy time as nurses begin to work through the list of patients for the ultrasound and begin taking blood samples and tests. Nurses will try to fit scans to suit the patients’ needs, so those who have work will be scheduled at the beginning of the morning. This scan usually takes around twenty minutes, but longer time is spent with a new patient so that the nurse can make sure they understand their treatment plan. This can be a very emotional time for the patient so it’s the nurses job to counsel and reassure them. If a new patient is to undergo IVF treatment the nurse will chat to them about the injections involved and give them a demonstration. The nurse will then take their bloods and give them a written sheet with details and information about this treatment. Nursing isn’t all just physical work. Generally in between scans a fertility nurse will check her emails from worried patients with queries and give them advice that is suitable to the individual.  Then the nurse will check their online access to test results which will be used in meetings with the embryology team and doctors. At the meeting, blood tests are discussed and if needed changes are made to treatment plans. The afternoon is equally busy for fertility nurses, more patient appointments are booked, lists are made ready for the next day and patients are called to organise egg collections.

fertility nursing jobs in dublin with three q

Education and training requirements

If you dream of becoming a fertility nurse, then you with first need to become a licensed registered nurse. Most employers require nurses to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from a college or university and becoming a registered nurse with the NMBI. Although you’ll have gained a wealth of knowledge in your four year degree, you will find that you will learn while working in the field.

Why Dublin?

Fertility Nursing Jobs in Dublin are open to both graduate nurses and experienced nurses. Dublin is an amazing place for fertility nurses who would like to enhance their professional development. In Dublin there are plenty of opportunities for fertility nurses looking for a career which will further their knowledge and skills in the area, and be a part of an exciting, supportive team who are passionate about helping patients with their infertility issues.

Fertility Nursing provides plenty of opportunity and variety for your nursing career. Nurses are in high demand because of their ability to complete many primary care services while also providing empathy and support to their patients.  

Dublin’s health system is modern and efficient with great facilities to work with, particularly in the private system.  Ireland’s Health Service is continuing to grow with its improvement plans, including building new hospitals. This investment and growth in the Irish Health Service will provide new career opportunities for fertility nurses.    There are plenty of job opportunities for fertility nurses in Dublin, especially in the private sector. The city offers fertility nurses a competitive salary scale.  Nurses in Dublin and all around Ireland are highly regarded by their patients and the public and thought of as the backbone of the Irish Health Service.

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