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Job Interview Tips For Nurses – Making an Interview Work for you

Job interview tips for Nurses is something that is regularly asked by candidates coming to Three Q.  Because there is sometimes a skills test along with the formal interview that candidates have to go through, it can be daunting to Nurses, especially those who have just graduated and haven’t been interviewed before. However, Three Q have been helping to match job-seeking Nurses with Employers for years so we know a thing or two about job interviews. Any job interview can be a nervous time for candidates so we’ve put together our list of top tips in preparing for that Nursing interview in confidence.

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  1. Research the company, hospital or nursing home that you are going and be prepared with a good level of knowledge. Take at look at the most recent HIQA report. You don’t need to know all of the gross margins or accounts since the company opened, but you should know enough to show the interviewer that you respect the opportunity and you respect her or his time.
  1. Be on time, with a clean, well-presented copy of your CV. This sounds simple but you may be surprised at how many people don’t leave 10 minutes early in order to get there 10 minutes early. Plan your route. It may seem like a simple task to get to the location of the interview but don’t forget that you may get stuck in traffic in a certain area, or if you’re walking to the interview it may start to rain. Check bus times, cycle routes, book train tickets in advance, you don’t want to be stressed for the journey or turn up late to your interview.
  1. Dress the part – business-like and professional, no matter how relaxed the Nursing Home is or how the Manager interviewing you presents themselves, it’s still an interview an dyou want to look your best and leave a professional impression on the interviewer.
  1. Be polite and mannerly to every member of staff that you come across. The receptionist may be the first person that you think of to impress, but also think of parking attendant, the cleaners, and any interns. Southwest Airlines used to have the flight attendants on flights anonymously assess the candidates they were flying in for interviews – it just goes to show that you need to be polite at all times. Keep in mind that your interview starts the moment you leave the house. It may sound like a cliché, but you would not be the first person to suffer from road rage at the car in front, only to be sitting in front of them 20 minutes later in an interview.
  1. Think, and prepare of one of the most underprepared interview questions of all times that stumps everyone-  “What can I do for this Nursing Home?”. Think about it beforehand, do your research as we suggested in step one and try to think about a great answer.
  1. Whenever you talk about your former or current employer, be polite and professional. If you’re gossiping about them – no matter how horrible to work for they are – guess what the interviewer thinks? That they will be next. Never say unkind, or even true things if it makes you look like a prospective gossip who will only cause trouble for the staff and employer .
  1. Save the money talk for last. Focus on the job, your ability to contribute, and all the great things you can provide. When applying for jobs with Three Q, you will be told the basic salary before the interview, so there should be no confusion in the first place.
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  1. Thank the interviewer for their time and ask questions – again, this shows good manners and good sense. This could be small things, even just the hours involved or what facilities the employer provides. Don’t be afraid to ask what career opportunities are possible too.
  1. Let the employer know how interested you are at the end of the interview, and your intention to accept if offered.
  1. There are a variety of different interview types you could end up having. Ranging from a full on competency base interview to the ‘cup of tea’ interview and everything in between. We can fully advise you on all these different interview types and we can normally let you know the type of interview you can expect to have with the employers that we work with.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have a great interview. Remember to do lots of preparation before your interview and stay calm and mannerly towards the interviewer (and staff) at all times. If you are currently looking for a job as a Nurse keep an eye on our listings that we update everyday with new jobs in the industry. If you are an employer and are wishing to advertise your job in our listings, please email or phone +353 1878 3335.   

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