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Celebrating 20 Years as a Temp Agency & The Gold Standard in Temping

Well, Three Q has now been in business for over 20 years (how time flies?). But a lot has changed since 1999, the year Three Q was founded. Last year we reflected on how much has changed since 1999. To get a blast from the past, see our blog post: What Life Was Like In 1999. Now, we’re in our 21st year of business and to celebrate 2 decades of Three Q, we want to show our appreciation for Our People that helped us get here. That’s our office staff, clients and temps past and present. Without you, Three Q PERMS & TEMPS couldn’t have delivered on its promise to be the Quality Temp and Recruitment Agency.

Three Q TEMPS 20 Years in Recruitment


A big thank you to everyone of our temp workers that worked for us over the last 20 years helping us provide a quality service with quality temps. Throughout our history, our temps have gone above and beyond for our clients and our Temp Consultants. Your commitment to quality work is essential for providing the Gold Standard in Temping.


We want to say thank you to every client we’ve ever had, without our clients’ trust in Three Q, we couldn’t have developed and improved our service year on year. Continuous innovations, investments and refinements over 20 years have lead to Three Q providing the Gold Standard in Temping and that wouldn’t have been possible without our clients support and partnership.

Office Team

A big thank you to every member of our office staff. Each person has played their part in Three Q’s story and made the company what it is today. From Suzanne and Charlotte who have worked with us for over 10 years to the people who spent less than a year with us, each team member is greatly appreciated for working in accordance with our commitment to a quality, reliable service. 

How Are We Celebrating Twenty Years?

Entering our 21st year in business, we’re going to show our gratitude to our clients and temps with monthly competitions and celebrating stories from Our People of Three Q. We also want to show off our incredible team of temps with a series of videos on individual temps showcasing their work, personality, impact on our CSR causes such as the Spare an Hour Campaign and their life outside of temping.

The Gold Standard in Temping

Over the past 20 years we’ve been striving to improve the quality of service every year with innovations and improvements which have been led by our clients’ needs. Today, we’re proud to say we provide the Gold Standard in Temping. Over the year, alongside praising our quality Temps, we’d like to toot our own horn a little and talk about what exactly makes up our innovative, quality service.

After 20 years, we feel it’s a good time to reflect and remember. We’d like to ask our clients, temps and office staff past & present to reflect with us. If you have a Three Q story, we’d love to hear it. Tell us about an experience or memory you’ve had with us by emailing Aaron at: 

If you’re a temp worker, job seeker, member of our office staff or a client, thanks for putting your trust in Three Q and here’s to (hopefully) a few more decades.

Thank you,

The Three Q Team

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