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Do you ever wake some mornings and find that you are really looking forward to going into work? Well, you may be among the select few. Some people enjoy their job in the first few weeks but then somehow lose that spark. There are others who are just so passionate about their work that they find it hard to switch off when they go home.

Remember the first few weeks of starting. Although a little daunting, there was an eager passion to give our best, make new friends and then look forward to our salary at the end of the month. We may find that months pass by and we are less than exuberant and just go through the motions, like most other colleagues. Why is this? For some, it may be that the hours of a full-time job add to an already busy home schedule, leaving little time for a full recovery. It may be that we have simply gotten bored and the tasks don’t inspire us like they used to.

Some employees step over the boundaries of work-home life, bringing their work home with them and working long hours into the night. When this happens, it reduces quality family time and worse usually results in very little me-time at the end of a very busy week. Situations like this can lead to fatigue, resentment, loss of energy and the passion that used to fuel our motivation, and even produce outbursts of anger. Whatever the reason, it is important to find our ‘mojo’ once again and work really hard at making our career work interesting and exciting once again.

Here are some useful techniques to help start the process of reigniting the enjoyment that we once experienced in our career life:

  1. Reflect on why we chose the career that we are currently in?
  2. Figure out what has changed since?
  3. Understand all dynamics of the situation, including our personal life, to give us a fuller picture.
  4. Chat with family and friends if we are really struggling to come up with any answer.
  5. Explore and identify if there are changes needed to improve the situation. Maybe reducing our working hours per week short-term or switching off our work devices at 6pm might help with catching up on some good old fashioned rest.  

We spend most of our weekdays at work and a lot of this time is spent with colleagues. It is important to make the most of it. Isn’t it time to get excited about our day? Think about it; life is short, wouldn’t we be far better to get enjoyment out of our career rather than just sleepwalk around the office? Find your ‘mojo’ and enjoy your career again, you’ll never know how good it can be until you try, the search might just be worth it! #EnjoyCareerLife #FindYourMojo #Techniques

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