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How Companies Should Recruit Talent on Social Media

Social Media is not only used for branding. The Company’s Social Media can be considered to be an advert of the company. It can make people attracted to find a job at that company or be put off. Here we have some tips to attract talented candidates

Create Social Media Accounts for Recruiting Needs

It can be really beneficial to have an account for recruitment purposes. Social Media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are very valuable for your employer brand. 

Encourage Employees to Share Posts on Social Media

The company’s social media accounts are more visible if people like, share and comment on posts. Go further than ask your employees to engage with the company’s content online, ask them to post on their personal professional profiles on LinkedIn.. They can share the values of the company, post about charitable activities or fun events in the office. All of this increases the reach the company has on social media. 

Find Talent on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the first social media platform everyone thinks of when they’re thinking about recruiting on social media. More than 90% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting. One of LinkedIn’s great features is its powerful search tool for finding skilled, local talent. Overall, LinkedIn is a fantastic social media marketing tool for recruiters and companies should dive in to find out how much potential there is for sourcing great candidates.

Use Social Media Marketing Tools

Start using a social media scheduler such as Hootsuite which lets you you schedule posts, analyse performance metrics and work with several social media platforms at the same time. This is the best way to efficiently market your employer brand and engaging with your followers.

 The social media of the company should stay aligned with the main core values and focus in the kind of qualified people are looking for. To learn more about attracting the best candidates to your company, read more from our blog series by clicking here: Advantages of Hiring Through a Niche Recruitment Agency

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