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Knowing whether you’re satisfied in your job, if it’s the right one for you, is a measure of your contentedness in the various aspects of the job. This can include the work itself, relationships with colleagues, whether you are advancing in your work, or get along with the management process. There are a lot of aspects of self to consider, as well as the workplace and your personal life. These can include cognitive, behavioural, emotional and other characteristics.

Ultimately job satisfaction has more to do with you, your perceptions and biases, and outlook on life. We have the power within to alter these various aspects of self – positively or negatively. We can believe for the best or the worst. It’s important to remember that the job doesn’t change the essence of self or our values, and who we truly are.   

Personal job satisfaction is a sense of achievement in work related tasks, personal goal achievement and continued growth in our career journey, which have the power to motivate us as an individual. It also goes far beyond daily work routines, spilling out into our personal lives. Life becomes more fulfilling and expands the joy that we share with family and friends. The sense of purpose, receiving recognition and feeling valued, and reaching personal goals provides us with a greater sense of contentment and belonging.

Reaching satisfaction in the job often involves personal reflective work in frequent work reviews and continued self-development. The support of professionals also helps to increase satisfaction and enjoying the rewards of our labour. Ideally, jobs should be enjoyable while doing daily tasks and provide many rewards. If you find that you are in a job that you’re not enjoying, supports such as counsellors, career guidance counsellors, life coaches and recruitment agencies are well worth considering, and investing in. These are powerful resources that offer invaluable advice and insights.

Having an active personal life, healthy eating, frequent exercise, enjoying varied hobbies, nurturing personal relationships and creating time for restful days are important steps which contribute to our sense of personal wellbeing in our job. “True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition” – Frederick Herzberg.

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