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Depending on the situation, changes will need to be made. An element of acceptance will help with transitioning into the new way of being. “You handle by being a human being. And you manage your business and your day-to-day by trying to understand what your staff is going through.” – Bill Peppler. It is imperative that we have good support, from family, friends, colleagues and our managers. To have a network of supportive people in our lives, who truly understand what we are going through, can significantly help us in our resilience to quickly recover and adjust.

We too have a part to play in these situations. Putting our head under a blanket, hoping it will all go away, won’t serve us well at all. Maybe we need to do this for a short time to try and figure it all out. After all depending on the event, we may just need to get over the initial shock, as change usually comes out of the blue or hits us like a bolt of lightning. Sometimes we may just need to wait until the path becomes clearer which can force us to stop and create a time of reflection. Then when the time is right we can seek supportive people to help us through it all. It is important to confide in our boss and close colleagues to let them know that we are going through some changes in our lives. Their empathetic approach can provide us with great solutions that will meet our needs for the duration of the new transition. For some it can be extra time off work to stay at home with a new baby. For others they may need to reduce their hours for a short period of time to help them cope with getting a house packed up for a move to their new home and career.

We may also recognise that something bigger is working out in our life, which is bringing us to another level. At times like this, we need to truly listen and see if this feels right for us at this time. If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, we can jump right in and begin our new journey.

Looking back after the events, and seeing the bigger picture, we may realise that this journey was one worth travelling. We can be grateful that we persisted and weathered the storm, and are now reaping the benefits of our new journey in life.

Whatever the need, having supportive and caring people that surround us with their gift of understanding is priceless! Their compassionate approach of understanding can really help with the whole process. We just need to remember to ask for help and be open to receiving it when it comes our way.

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