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3Q Recruitment - Permanent Recruitment

3Q Recruitment believe your people are your best assets.  We work with reputable hiring companies to source the professionals they require for their company’s success and growth.  Since 1999 we have worked for companies from diverse industries and have well established relationships with clients in the medical and hospitality sectors.

Our approach is embedded in focused, professional and transparent service delivery, demonstrating our expertise in the recruitment field while emphasizing quality, partnership and adaptability to client needs. Our commitment is unwavering—we strive to find the right person for every job, recognizing the profound impact of the hire being right for all involved.
We are passionate about helping businesses like yours succeed, and we know that one of the best ways to do that is by finding great people who see your company as the right move for them.

That’s why we offer our clients:

  • Tailored and dedicated recruitment strategies to find exceptional candidates
  • Skilled recruiters who know how to identify potential professionals for your vacancy
  • A fully comprehensive refund package if the placement is not a success
  • Free advertising on our sister company Nurse Jobs Ireland for our clients hiring nurses

Experience in the industry since 1999

At 3Q Recruitment, our unwavering commitment to quality, partnership, and trustworthiness shines through in every aspect of our operations. As a seasoned recruitment and employment agency we have earned the trust of our hiring clients to deliver extensively screened, high-quality, qualified, and experienced candidates.  Check out what these hiring companies have said in their testimonials as satisfied clients of 3Q Recruitment.

If you are looking to fill a temporary role for the moment and aren’t looking at a permanent hire, check out our Temps page.

Temps page

We like to call our approach our Quality Service Experience.

Our commitment is to be your ‘Quality Partner of Choice’ in recruitment, through dedicated account management & innovative recruiting procedures based upon a clear understanding of your needs. We are your hands-on Irish recruitment agency. Contact us today if you’re expanding your team or hiring for a new role.

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Quality Service

Our trusted recruitment service is delivered through being open and accessible with our clients. Our experienced and dedicated Recruiters, Resourcers & Marketers are the cornerstone of our service delivery.

Qualified Staff

At 3Q Recruitment, our commitment to excellence shines through as we meticulously source, screen, and process all candidates before presenting them to our clients. With a team boasting firsthand experience in HR, recruitment, and professional industries, we possess a deep understanding of the candidates our clients are seeking. Our approach is rooted in confidence, professionalism, and transparency, highlighting our expertise in the recruitment field while prioritizing quality, partnership, trustworthiness, and adaptability to client needs.

Quantity Required

Our recruitment team of Recruiters, Resourcers & Marketers drive search and recruitment campaigns that yields results. We promote client engagement through client surveys and one to one meetings which emphasise our commitment to sourcing, screening and placing the best quality of candidates.

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