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Many experts advise that appreciation and gratitude are great techniques to; improve personal wellbeing, provide hope during a time of waiting, increase energy levels and help with creating more a positive frame of mind, in both the giver and receiver. These acts help us to see life in a new light and can help with transitioning through some of the changes we face in life. They also provide us with a sense of peace and reignite hope, which was once lost. We are more likely to start feeling like getting back up and enjoying life again.

A great way to start using this technique is to start journaling. Start by purchasing a lovely journal and write a little message of appreciation each day, starting with five things that we are grateful for in that day. It can be things like saying thank you for; our home, our family, our friends, the wonderful dinner that we cooked today or the person that let us go ahead of them in the queue at the supermarket. Over time, feeling gratitude for each mention provides us with a lift in our spirit and a more positive perspective on life, and those that surround us during the day. It can also create a ripple-effect, as we practice what we see in others and the contagious act of appreciation is passed is then passed on.  

This practice can also be demonstrated in the workplace. Showing appreciation for employees significantly improves morale, productivity and wellbeing, and creates a more dynamic work environment. Most find that this practice spills into all areas of life, once we give it a real go.

Try it today! Practice the art of appreciation with self and others. Trust that the rewards for changing our behaviour to this new way of being will result in a better life, which can be an inspiration for others including our family and friends as they will recognise the positive changes in us.  

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