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Nursing job opportunities in Dublin are becoming more competitive.  Here at Three Q we help nurses to find their perfect career from our job listings compiled by our clients. Whether you’re looking for Permanent or Temp work, we’ll help you to get your ideal nursing job. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular nursing jobs that our clients are advertising with us.

  1. Fertility Nursing

Fertility nurses (also known as reproductive nurses) are nurses who are responsible for for managing and looking after the treatment of both single woman and couples who are having infertility issues. The role involves taking blood tests, administering fertility treatment, scheduling appointments and helping doctors with ultrasounds. Although there is are a huge range of medical aspects to the job, the most important element to fertility nursing is to have a sense of empathy for the patient and be able to give sound, qualified advice and counselling through each step of the treatment process.

nursing jobs with 3q recruitment
  1. Acute Nursing Clinical Manager

The Clinical Nurse Manager is a leadership role that is not just a regular nursing job. The job of a clinical nurse manager’s job isn’t just to take care of patients- its also to take care of the business. As a Clinical Nurse Manager, your fundamental responsibility is assisting executives by supervising staff, creating schedules, developing budgets and enforcing rules. Acute care is a nursing specialty. Working as an acute nurse you will generally work with patients for only a short period of time. Typical duties might include treatment after surgery or for a chronic illness. Becoming an acute nursing clinical manager means that you will be managing a team of acute nurses. Duties in this role will include monitoring both patient care and scheduling acute nurses’ shifts, and ensuring acute nurse compliance with rules and regulations. Your job is to make sure your nursing department is as healthy (both financially and procedurally) as your patients are.

nursing roles with three q recruitment
  1. Nursing Home Clinical Nurse Manager

Nursing home health care is a great way to provide multidimensional healthcare that is convenient to the client if they find it difficult to leave home or are immobile. Nursing home nurses help to provide plans that include preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative actions.  Nursing home care is intended for clients that are well enough to be discharged home, but still require skilled nursing personnel to assess, initiate and oversee nursing interventions, or if the patient is incapable of living at home alone.  Some aspects to the job include use of medical equipment, therapy, medical services, and other general care of the patient. Along with these duties home nurses must also consult with doctors on the status of the patient and help to determine any changes that may need to take place within the patient’s treatment plan if they have undergone any serious health changes. As a nursing home clinical health manager you with be responsible for both overlooking patient care, scheduling nurses shifts, ensuring nurse compliance with rules and regulations, recruitment of nursing home nurses and other managerial duties.

nursing jobs with three q recruitment
  1. Director of nursing

Directors of nursing provide direction to the nursing staff and coordinate health services. As is typical with all nursing jobs, a degree in nursing is requires however in some cases employers will require a masters degree for this role. Directors of nursing are nurse administrators who work at hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Their duties include supervising nursing staff and acting as administrative directors, dealing with record keeping and budgeting. Duties in this role include but are not limited to: supervising and reviewing nursing staff, overseeing the department budgets, reporting to high-level staff members, maintaining high standards of care, managing patients’ data and medical records and interacting with doctors, patients and family members.

Although these are the most popular nursing roles advertised with Three Q, they aren’t the only ones. Keep an eye on our listings that we are constantly updating with new job opportunities in the  nursing industry. If you are an employer and are wishing to advertise your job in our listings, please email or phone +353 1878 3335 .   

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