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About Us

3Q Recruitment, Your Award Winning Recruiters

Since 1999, we’ve been providing Temp agency staff and permanent recruitment services. Over the years, we’ve gained valuable insights into the needs of hiring companies and job seekers in Ireland, and we leverage this experience to serve our clients effectively.

Our 3Q Recruitment Team

Our History

When we set up in 1999 we knew that one guiding value would drive all that we did – Quality.

You’re only one click away from experiencing your quality recruitment service.

This commitment to deliver and enhance the quality of our service offering in the recruitment market is at the foreground of all we do. Being an award winning small recruitment agency in Dublin means both job seekers and clients get a very hands on experience with industry aware recruiters, HR professionals and marketers.

We consistently go the extra mile for both candidates and clients. Our commitment to delivering top-tier recruitment practices is encapsulated in our 3 Q’s – a Quality service, with Qualified candidates in the Quantity required. This dedication is what distinguishes us from every other recruitment agency.

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Our Values

Our commitment to deliver the 3 Q’s – Quality, Qualified & Quantity is underpinned by three key values – Passion, Partnership & Prosperity. This trio reflects our deep-seated dedication to excellence. Here's what these values mean to us:

Passionate People

We are far from an ordinary company, and our team members are anything but ordinary staff – they form the bedrock upon which our collaborative culture and industry-leading expertise flourish. Their unwavering dedication to 3Q Recruitment empowers us to fulfill our commitment to our clients and candidates.

No matter what we’ve ever done at 3Q Recruitment, we’ve always poured our heart and soul into it. Since 1999, we’ve experienced hard graft, sleepless nights, early mornings, nervous pacing, jumps of happiness, proud back-claps, too much coffee (or even worse, too little coffee), plateaus, pits, and peaks. From the mundane to the truly exceptional – we infuse passion into every project we take on. That’s why we only work with ideas and people that we believe in.

We Put People First

When you register with 3Q Recruitment and you are contacted about a job match, our team will provide you with consistent support through the recruitment and job offer process. At 3Q Recruitment, we put people first – recruiting great individuals for each of our clients in the Catering, Healthcare, and Medical sectors. Our team are experts in each sector, connecting you to the right hiring opportunities.

  • Permanent Jobs
  • Temporary Jobs
  • Interview Preparation
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Up-Skilling
  • On-Site Visits
  • 24/7 Support Line


Partnership is at the heart of our philosophy and culture, and underpins every aspect of our business activity and every interaction with our stakeholders and the communities we serve. Our culture is about making a difference to our clients, challenging convention and bringing new ideas & initiative forward.

Our objective as a company is to work in partnership with our clients, aiming to become a core part of their team. At 3Q Recruitment, we deliver value while enhancing how they deliver critical services to their end-user customers. Our collaborative approach means we hire exceptional people and invest in their growth, turning them into 3Q Recruitment’s stars of the future.

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To some, profit is a dirty word. One could say however, that wealth and prosperity are measured in more ways than purely financial capital. For 3Q Recruitment, we consider profit to be whatever is beneficial to ourselves, to our employees, our candidates, clients, stakeholders and the wider community. For our candidates, this means finding the job that allows them to shine professionally, for our clients, the seamless integration of talented staff and for us, the deep satisfaction of a job well done.

As a business, we value the kind of prosperity that trickles downhill. That’s why we lend our staff to work at charity events, free promotion to charities, donate our wages and support those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you come to work for us as an employee, you’ll even be asked for the name of your favorite charity so that we can look into making it our charity of the month – everyone should get to feel as though they are making a difference!

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Our Processes

At 3Q Recruitment, we believe that using the right processes grounded in our core values will benefit all involved. This includes:
    • Delivering services right the first time
    • Reducing the number of temporary staff provided or candidates presented that are not a good match
    • Encouraging our team to continuously improve the service experience of 3Q Recruitment through standard operating practices
    • Quality review meetings and robustly testing what does and does not work for those we work with
    • Our awards serve as a testament to our quality process.
    • Listening to the needs of customers
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