If you are joining the workforce again, starting as a temporary worker, there are a couple of useful things to understand that will help you with getting familiar with the process. Temping is a great way to help with getting back on the career ladder. The experience that can be gained is invaluable and can help with securing a permanent position. At 3Q Perms & Temps Recruitment Agency, we understand the importance of linking the right candidate with the right job. We continually guide candidates through the process of securing temporary, and permanent, work. Here are some tips that should be considered during the process:

  • Ask questions, showing initiative and interest is always positive.
  • Remember, communication is an integral part of the process, on every interaction, to build strong and supportive professional relationships.
  • Frequently update resumes, including recently learned skills and experience.
  • Change of unconscious attitude to each opportunity can bring positive outcomes; working on self-development will certainly help with this.
  • Arrive at interviews ten minutes early, no earlier.
  • If unable to attend a pre-arranged booking, let the temp consultant know.
  • Check in with the temp consultant frequently.
  • Submit time-sheets on time.
  • Advice temp consultant if other temp/perm roles have been secured.

Temping provides opportunities for some great experiences that can deliver useful insights on our career search. It also provides great flexibility, especially beneficial for parents who care for their family’s needs. The opportunity also helps with identifying if this role is the right one, before committing to permanent work.

3Q Perms & Temps Recruitment Agency provides a recruitment service of selecting the right candidates for our client companies, for both temporary and permanent roles, and has been doing so for over twenty years. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process – applications, advertising, interviews and finding the right job.

Phone us on 01 8763335 or email temps@3qrecruitment.ie to speak with a member of our vibrant and dedicated team today.

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Do you ever wake some mornings and find that you are really looking forward to going into work? Well, you may be among the select few. Some people enjoy their job in the first few weeks but then somehow lose that spark. There are others who are just so passionate about their work that they find it hard to switch off when they go home.

Remember the first few weeks of starting. Although a little daunting, there was an eager passion to give our best, make new friends and then look forward to our salary at the end of the month. We may find that months pass by and we are less than exuberant and just go through the motions, like most other colleagues. Why is this? For some, it may be that the hours of a full-time job add to an already busy home schedule, leaving little time for a full recovery. It may be that we have simply gotten bored and the tasks don’t inspire us like they used to.

Some employees step over the boundaries of work-home life, bringing their work home with them and working long hours into the night. When this happens, it reduces quality family time and worse usually results in very little me-time at the end of a very busy week. Situations like this can lead to fatigue, resentment, loss of energy and the passion that used to fuel our motivation, and even produce outbursts of anger. Whatever the reason, it is important to find our ‘mojo’ once again and work really hard at making our career work interesting and exciting once again.

Here are some useful techniques to help start the process of reigniting the enjoyment that we once experienced in our career life:

  1. Reflect on why we chose the career that we are currently in?
  2. Figure out what has changed since?
  3. Understand all dynamics of the situation, including our personal life, to give us a fuller picture.
  4. Chat with family and friends if we are really struggling to come up with any answer.
  5. Explore and identify if there are changes needed to improve the situation. Maybe reducing our working hours per week short-term or switching off our work devices at 6pm might help with catching up on some good old fashioned rest.  

We spend most of our weekdays at work and a lot of this time is spent with colleagues. It is important to make the most of it. Isn’t it time to get excited about our day? Think about it; life is short, wouldn’t we be far better to get enjoyment out of our career rather than just sleepwalk around the office? Find your ‘mojo’ and enjoy your career again, you’ll never know how good it can be until you try, the search might just be worth it! #EnjoyCareerLife #FindYourMojo #Techniques

We are creative beings. Creativity is at the core of our very nature. For millennia, humans have been inventive and innovative in the way that we live and work. We have evolved exponentially in the last few decades. For some of us, the explorer within was restricted due to our parents wish to protect us which may have inhibited our self-exploration. Our very core can sometimes create a deep inner desire, which we may not immediately understand, to reroute our career. Identifying this protective boundary can be the first step to our breakthrough, and exploring unknown territory to our creative self.

At times in our lives, we may find ourselves at a crossroads in our career. We may feel that there is a deeper search within for something that is at that time unknown. It is only when we ‘test the water’; step out in faith and dare to explore, that we can discover other opportunities available to us which can enrich our lives. To follow such a path requires inner strength and determination to follow it through. The search can also benefit from much creativity on our part.

Techniques that can help with the journey of exploration:

  1. Quiet the mind; find peace; allow the mind to search and the answer may come. This can be achieved by practicing a mediation process that works for us. It can be as simple as doing some breathing techniques at the start of the day or taking a walk in nature.
  2. Ask family and friends for feedback and insights on new work opportunities that we may not have explored yet.
  3. Improve or develop networking connections that will help us such as signing up with a recruitment agency. This can open the door to new jobs and provide insights on areas to up-skill.
  4. Experiment with new-found ideas for a career change. One way to identify if it is right for us is to volunteer in a similar role with a local organisation or charity.
  5. Create a vision-board to help start the process and bring it all together. This will take time, so be patient with the process.
  6. Set goals to avoid becoming stuck in the process.
  7. Identify and implement healthy values that can become part of the metamorphosis.

Do more in your life than just merely exist, explore and have some fun on the journey!” – 3Q Perms & Temps. Remember to experiment and take the opportunity to learn while exploring. Enjoy the process of being creative on the journey of self-discovery; it just might lead to a better and more creative life!

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Many experts advise that appreciation and gratitude are great techniques to; improve personal wellbeing, provide hope during a time of waiting, increase energy levels and help with creating more a positive frame of mind, in both the giver and receiver. These acts help us to see life in a new light and can help with transitioning through some of the changes we face in life. They also provide us with a sense of peace and reignite hope, which was once lost. We are more likely to start feeling like getting back up and enjoying life again.

A great way to start using this technique is to start journaling. Start by purchasing a lovely journal and write a little message of appreciation each day, starting with five things that we are grateful for in that day. It can be things like saying thank you for; our home, our family, our friends, the wonderful dinner that we cooked today or the person that let us go ahead of them in the queue at the supermarket. Over time, feeling gratitude for each mention provides us with a lift in our spirit and a more positive perspective on life, and those that surround us during the day. It can also create a ripple-effect, as we practice what we see in others and the contagious act of appreciation is passed is then passed on.  

This practice can also be demonstrated in the workplace. Showing appreciation for employees significantly improves morale, productivity and wellbeing, and creates a more dynamic work environment. Most find that this practice spills into all areas of life, once we give it a real go.

Try it today! Practice the art of appreciation with self and others. Trust that the rewards for changing our behaviour to this new way of being will result in a better life, which can be an inspiration for others including our family and friends as they will recognise the positive changes in us.  

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Have you ever wondered how successful people sustain focus in an ever-demanding work life? Well, one suggestion is to apply a holistic approach to achieving excellence in work-life balance. This approach can begin by separating the two elements, work and personal life, and then integrate them together to work as an all-inclusive plan.

alt="Create and Sustain a Healthy Work - Life Balance"
Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

Firstly, plan a schedule for the work part of life. Secondly, plan a schedule for the personal elements of life including family, friends, hobbies, etc. Review both schedules to identify if the plan is manageable and achievable. At times the plan may need to be flexible to adapt to unforeseen changes. Allow for this, particularly if it is a constructive change. Effective time-management and organisational skills are vital to help with achieving optimised results. Finding a job that we are passionate about and enjoy can also help with the process of being motivated. Other tips include:

  • – Eliminate work commitments to a minimum, after 6pm. Having a plan in place to commit to our personal life is equally important.
  • – Don’t put off today, what can be done today. Procrastination is our biggest enemy in completing a weekly plan. It can add to next weeks ‘to-do’ list and ultimately heighten stress levels.
  • – Focus on close personal interests, family, friends, hobbies, etc., and remain aware of how important these connections, with people and activities, are to sustain a healthy way of living.
  • – Create time for a ‘me-date’ each week. Plan time for a trip to the spa, shops, gym, etc. It is important to reconnect with self. To paraphrase the famous airline statement: ‘first you have to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of everyone and everything else’.
  • – Accept any support offered from close networks of family and friends. We all need someone who has our best interests at heart and who has got our back, especially when we need it the most. Also understanding the importance of an equal measure of give-and-take in any relationship is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • – Learn to say ‘no’ sometimes. This can be achieved by delegating tasks.
  • – Manage personal finances, so that they don’t consume our thoughts which might lead us to become unduly stressed. Set a budget in place for known bills and a contingency budget for unforeseen events can help the process.

At the end of each week, it is important to take time and reflect back on all achievements. Identify areas that can be improved to create and sustain a healthy balance.

Think ‘outside the box’; switch each weeks schedule up a little, to add more spice and variety. Become innovative in the process. Learn to work clever and become more productive in both career and personal life for a more optimised work-life balance. Have a little fun along the way, with the new plan, to achieve more productivity in life. Enjoy the increased free time that the new plan has achieved by doing things that you love.

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