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In Dublin and the surrounding areas since 1999

Provider of Gold Standard Catering and Hospitality
Temp Staff

Since its inception in 1999, 3Q Recruitment has emerged as a distinguished partner in providing stellar hospitality staffing solutions, including skilled Chefs, proficient Catering Assistants, diligent Kitchen Porters, and meticulous Cleaners, among other key roles.

Nestled in the heart of Dublin City Centre, we are renowned for our capacity to meet and exceed our clients' staffing requirements with a comprehensive roster of fully screened, vetted, qualified, and experienced Temporary staff.
Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by a dedicated Temporary Support Team, primed to address your staffing needs promptly—be it to cover leaves, emergencies, or any queries you might have, seven days a week. With over two decades of unwavering trust from our clients, we continue to stand at the forefront of hospitality recruitment, embodying professionalism, transparency, and a steadfast dedication to service perfection. At 3Q Recruitment, we don’t just fill positions; we forge lasting partnerships, ensuring every staffing solution is tailored to align with your unique operational needs.

What is the Gold Standard in Temping?

3Q Recruitment stands at the forefront of excellence in catering and hospitality recruitment, proudly serving a diverse range of sectors including healthcare, corporate, community organizations, and event catering since our inception in 1999. As an Irish-owned enterprise, our mission transcends beyond mere staffing; we are committed to setting The Gold Standard in our field, distinguished by our dedication to superior quality, cutting-edge innovation, and fostering transparent, open lines of communication with our esteemed clients.

Our strategy revolves around a meticulously designed feedback mechanism, incorporating spot checks, on-site visits, and comprehensive Temp review processes, ensuring our services not only meet but exceed expectations. We believe in creating valued partnerships through clear, concise communication, underscored by our respect for each individual we engage with. Our approach is reflective of our core values — professionalism, transparency, and unwavering support, all geared toward empowering your business with exceptional talent and unparalleled service.

Gold Standard Hiring and Training Processes

To ensure unparalleled service and the highest standards of quality, every team member who joins us proceeds through a meticulous preparation process that includes:

  • Comprehensive Garda Vetting to ensure safety and reliability.
  • A thorough induction and on-boarding training to align with our commitment to excellence and teamwork.
  • Specialized training in Manual Handling & Primary Food Hygiene, equipping them to handle their roles with the utmost care and proficiency.
  • Issuance of a distinctive 3Q Recruitment uniform, symbolizing their integral role in our team and commitment to professionalism.
  • A clear explanation and distribution of our Uniform Policy to guarantee adherence through verbal clarification, ensuring each team member represents our values consistently.
  • Ongoing performance evaluations at 1, 3, and 6-month intervals to support their growth, celebrate their achievements, and identify areas for development.
  • In embodying these steps, we not only uphold our standards but also foster a culture of respect, partnership, and continuous improvement, lagging the foundation for mutual success.

Introduction to the Gold Standard in Temping and our 3Q Recruitment Office Team

Setting the Gold Standard in Temping means matching premier talent with unparalleled service

Our team is 100% committed to recruiting and providing quality experienced Temps to our clients that match the quality of your teams

We strive to deliver this Gold Standard by partnering with our clients, our Temps and front line management teams, to ensure the Temps supplied mirror and match the internal team standards by being inducted and trained into our client systems, standards and procedures. We take a hands-on approach, that is personalised and quality driven, to ensure we deliver consistently to our gold standard. Our clients trust us to come up with specific temping solutions that are right for them.

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Our Gold Standard Temps can support you when you have to cover annual leave, sick leave, vacancies, emergencies and more.

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