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Corporate Social Responsibility

At 3Q Recruitment, we believe in the power of people, committed and focused action and we are hard wired to make a positive impact on the communities we work with and for, through how we conduct our business and through our established Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices.

Being informed, involved, and giving back in key communities we believe is good for our people and our people business; it builds stronger relationships within our team, with our Temps, clients, and candidates, putting our shared values into action to have a positive impact on a cause that is at the centre of that CSR activity.  To us CSR in action connects us all as people

Since our establishment, 3Q Recruitment has donated over €200,000 in financial, skills, and time values to our communities and charity partners. We are proud to be a company that values people, and our team are active CSR Ambassadors for key projects that are grounded in the three pillars in our CSR policy.

If you would like to find out more details on the CSR activates we undertake here in 3Q Recruitment, simply click on one of our campaign images to find out more information.

3Q - Spare an Hour

Reasons why we undertake CSR

At 3Q Recruitment, prioritizing CSR activities is essential because, as a people business, doing good for people is at our core. Actively engaging in community initiatives, supporting charities, and fostering a positive team environment not only enhances our reputation but also makes us a better business. Our belief is that by doing good for and with others, we contribute to a better, kinder world.

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