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What is the Henry Murphy Memorial Award?

The Henry Murphy Temp of the Year Memorial Award is a much-coveted employee recognition award. Every month, our clients and our recruiters shine a spotlight on a Temp who goes above and beyond in their job, earning them the title of Temp of the Month. These nominations show the employees that their work is recognised and appreciated and one worthy temp is awarded the ‘Temp of the Month’ accolade. At the end of the year, these exceptional Temps are the 12 finalists for the esteemed Henry Murphy Temp of The Year Memorial Award. We announce the winner during our Annual Awards Lunch, a tradition that's uniquely ours, as we're the first and still the only catering temps agency in Ireland to celebrate our temporary workers in such a way.

Henry embodied our unwavering commitment to ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of those we serve, consistently going beyond the expected. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, Henry embraced a unique opportunity to cater to a patient’s indecision about their breakfast choice. With a heartfelt determination that no one under his care would start the day hungry, he meticulously prepared four different varieties of eggs, keenly addressing the patient’s needs. This thoughtful act not only brought joy to the patient’s morning but also exemplified our gold standard of service. Henry’s actions serve as a commendable example of our core values in action, highlighting our dedication to personalizing care and bringing happiness to those we serve.

Henry worked with us from 2000 to 2008. He suffered a heart attack at work and died on the 23rd of February, 2008. Suzanne, our Operations Manager, was a Temp Consultant at the time and was there with him until his family arrived. His wealth of experience and commitment to quality led to Henry having a huge impact on the company. In his memory, we launched the Henry Murphy Temp of the Year Memorial Award.

Henry’s extensive experience spans various healthcare settings, including hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. However, it was his meaningful engagement within the third sector—specifically his work with homeless shelters and drop-in services—that served as a key inspiration for the development of one of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

To discover more about our commitment to making a difference in the community click here.

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