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Henry Murphy Memorial Page

Chef Henry (Harry) Murphy was our original “super temp”. Henry’s commitment to excellence continues to inspire us today. During his eight years with us, Henry worked in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. His pride in his work, and in his uniform, set an example for his colleagues. Henry did everything he could to ensure that the people he served were well-fed and happy. He also volunteered in homeless shelters and drop-in services which inspired 3Q Recruitment’s corporate social responsibility programmes. Sadly, Henry suffered a heart attack at work and died in February 2008. To honour Henry’s work ethic and celebrate his life we created the Henry Murphy Temp of the Year award.

A nominated ‘TEMP of the Month’ must have worked with Three Q TEMPS for a minimum of six months – anyone who has worked for less than six months can still be given a ‘Positive Review’ and this will be kept on file for when the person qualifies for ‘Temp of the Month’ Temps who have achieved excellence in their temping assignments across contracts are recognized and rewarded monthly. Annually the 12 winners are then reviewed and one wins overall ‘Henry Murphy Memorial Award’ The Temp of the Month selection criterion depends on two main aspects – Attitude and Quality of Work Standards. Other factors that decide the Temp of the Month are availability, flexibility, attendance, interaction with consultants and new Temps and other factors of the previous month according to the Temp’s assignment. Attitude Standards The nominator will advise they are proposing a Temp under ‘Attitude Standards’ and could include examples of actions under one or all of these areas: ‘Can Do – Will Do – Does Attitude’ A Temp who enjoys their job, works well with team[1]members and can be counted on to take action with a good attitude when requested by supervisors, managers or co-workers. Wants to get ‘things done’ and ‘done right’. Respect: A respectful person is not one who always agrees with everyone but rather someone who values the opinions of their co-workers even when they don’t agree. They are always appreciative, polite, considerate and recognize the value in other people’s points of view.

Fellowship: It means working every day to create a healthy and warm work environment. The best companies to work for usually exhibit a high level of humanity that can only be made possible when there’s a sense of camaraderie and affinity. Identity: Identity is that feeling of belonging that team members get when they are 100% committed to their job and their company’s success. People with a high level of identity are usually the best brand ambassadors. They promote their company, not only to its clients but also to any prospective Temp. They feel proud to be part of something bigger than themselves and they wear the company’s colours every day. Equality: A Temp who treats everyone with a sense of fairness usually helps create a workplace in which politicking and back-door deal-making is seldom the way to get things done. People who avoid favouritism or show any kind of bias when dealing with their co[1]workers are usually considered to have a high degree of equality. Quality of Work Standards: The nominator will consider these components that make up Quality of Work Standards Work Commitment: People who come in to work, not because they have to, but because they are passionate about what they do have the highest level of commitment to their job. These Temps will usually do little things, even when no one else is watching them. They come in early and leave late if needed & have positive and optimistic conversations with their teammates. Personal Performance: This dimension closely evaluates how things are done and the co[1]workers’ perception regarding the Temp’s overall attitude

Besides working in a range of hospitals, hospices and nursing homes, Henry also worked in the third sector.   It was his work in homeless shelters and drop-in services that was an inspiration for one of our (insert link to CSR page here) Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

To celebrate Henry, we launched the HM Temp of the Year Award in 2008. (insert link to temp of the month award page here) Every month a temp is selected for their service beyond the call of duty.  They then go forward at the end of the year for the Henry Murphy Temp of The Year Award.

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