Henry Murphy Temp of the Year Award

The Henry Murphy Temp of the Year Award is a much coveted prize.  Henry worked with us from 2000 to 2008. He suffered a heart attack at work and died on the 23rd of February, 2008.  Suzanne, our Operations Manager, was a Temp Consultant at the time and was there with him until his family arrived.  His wealth of experience and commitment to quality lead to Henry having a huge impact on the company. In his memory, we launched the Henry Murphy Temp of the Year award.

Henry loved working with Three Q TEMPS and he took great pride in his work. An ex-Army Air Corps chef, Henry embedded a pride of uniform and went to great to lengths to ensure our team looked smart.

Henry was determined that anyone he served was happy and went above and beyond the call of duty. On one occasion, a patient wanted eggs but wasn’t sure which kind. Henry cooked up four different varieties  because ‘his patient wasn’t going to go hungry.  He brought a smile to the patient’s face and was commended for demonstrating his gold standard service.

Besides working in a range of hospitals, hospices and nursing homes, Henry also worked in the third sector.   It was his work in homeless shelters and drop-in services that was an inspiration for one of our (insert link to CSR page here) Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

To celebrate Henry, we launched the HM Temp of the Year Award in 2008. (insert link to temp of the month award page here) Every month a temp is selected for their service beyond the call of duty.  They then go forward at the end of the year for the Henry Murphy Temp of The Year Award.

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