This is our designated information page for Temp Agency Workers, Clients of Three Q TEMPS, Three Q Staff and visitors pertaining to COVID19. The information provided with regard to Health & Safety and Infection Prevention and Control is content sourced from both the HSE’s and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre’s website. Three Q TEMPS company specific information and updates regarding our actions supporting our Temp Workers, our clients, our office staff and visitors during this pandemic as they occur will also be uploaded here.

For general information regarding COVID-19, click here to go to the The HSE’s webisite.

For Front Line Workers & those with potential interaction with person’s suspected or confirmed in having COVID-19 visit Health Protection Surveillance Centre’s website for more resources & information.

Our physical office is now closed to the public but providing scheduled social-distance supported on-boarding appointments for new hires and for one to one meetings with team members upon request.

Click on the three buttons below to visit our COVID-19 Coronavirus pages for Temps and for Clients.