Here are some of our most frequently asked questions we receive from Applicants to our Temp Jobs and New Temps at Three Q.

Where will I be working?

Details of where you will be working, your hours and duration of your assignment will be given to you by your Temp Consultant. Additional information on directions may also be texted to you. Please respect all standards, guidelines and rules of the client companies in which you are working, including maintaining confidentiality at all times.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid weekly via bank transfer for the hours recorded on your timesheets submitted to our office. After correctly submitting your timesheets, you will be paid via bank transfer by Friday of each week (cheques can be raised on request but can be delayed in processing).

Time-sheets must reach the Payroll department by Tuesday 12 noon to ensure payment. Anything posted or dropped into Veritas House reception must be clearly marked as Three Q TEMPS – Temp Payroll. Timesheets that miss the 12 noon deadline on Tuesdays will not be processed until the following week.

What do I do with my time-sheets?

There are several ways to submit your time-sheet.

You can either drop it into us in the office, Fax it at 01 878-3354 or you can scan and email it into us at

I have a wage query, what do I do?

Payroll queries can be emailed to and you will receive a reply or call back during Payroll’s working hours – Monday to Wednesday. If there’s an error in your payslip, we will rectify it within one working week.

I need to book holiday leave, who do I tell?

To book time off for holidays you must request a holiday booking form from your Temp Consultant or download it here. All holidays requested must be authorized by your consultant. They are not guaranteed so please do not make any plans before they are confirmed.

I have a problem with my work location or hours. Who do I talk to?

If you have any queries, problems or concerns of whatever nature during your assignment, please contact our TEMP Team to help you in any way we can. Three Q’s commitment to its temp workers is the cornerstone of our company’s success – some temps have worked with Three Q for over ten years and referred many of their friends and family to join the temp panels.

I don’t want to be a temporary worker anymore, I would like to get a permanent role. Can you help me?

If you are interested in moving to a permanent position, contact your Temp Consultant, they will be more than happy to advise you and can refer you to one our of recruiters.