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Risk & Courage for a Great Change

Many of us go through our lives holding a protective layer or bubble that surrounds us. We may have experienced hurt on one or more occasions in the past which caused us to put a barrier of protection up each time. Over time this wall of protection may have gotten so high that we don’t […]

Create and Sustain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

CREATE AND SUSTAIN A HEALTHY WORK-LIFE BALANCE Have you ever wondered how successful people sustain focus in an ever-demanding work life? Well, one suggestion is to apply a holistic approach to achieving excellence in work-life balance. This approach can begin by separating the two elements, work and personal life, and then integrate them together to […]

Staff Party: Planning a Christmas Party?

Staff Party: Planning a Christmas Party? Christmas is a time for celebrating with colleagues and can be a perfect opportunity to organise a Christmas staff party. However, many organisations have eliminated the traditional style staff party, which may have included all expenses paid meal and drinks, and opted for a more tailored approach to celebrating […]

How We are Supporting Our Customers Through the Pandemic: A front-line Catering TEMPS Agency Story

As a front-line Catering TEMPS Agency that specializes in the provision of Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Ward Attendants, Domestics, Cleaners and General Porters to hospitals, healthcare services and nursing homes Three Q TEMPS has been working with our clients in every way we can to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some of the ways […]

Spare An Hour Campaign for Inner City Helping Homeless

Spare An Hour Campaign for Inner City Helping Homeless Spare An Hour is an annual CSR fundraising campaign where a charity or organisation is democratically elected by our office and temp staff. Our team nominated several charities and put it to a vote where our Temps could choose the recipient organisation of our 7th Annual […]

How To Instil Resilience in a Team

How To Instil Resilience in a Team Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. A report late last year states that work-related stress experienced by employees in Ireland had doubled between 2010 and 2015. Not surprisingly, people in the health sector were more likely to report stress where as workers in the retail […]